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At YouBar, we develop and manufacture cutting edge protein bars for leading brands, entrepreneurs and influencers. Many of the brands that we co-manufacture bars for are sold nationally in Whole Foods, GNC and The Vitamin Shop. We pride ourselves on our strong innovation team and are able to incorporate the most on-trend and newest ingredients into exciting new formulas for our clients. As a result, our clients' bars can hit nutritional and taste profiles that stand out from the competition. Indeed, we are much more than a standard protein bar co-packer. Instead, we see ourselves as a full-service innovation team, R&D lab and turn-key protein bar co-manufacturer all rolled into one.

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Leading Innovation in the Protein Bar Industry

Our expert-led Research & Development team will work with you to create a professional, ready-for-market formula for a protein bar. We will create a formula that meets all of the criteria for a professional market launch, utilizing the most cutting-edge processes innovated by food scientists. Our R&D team works under the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that your formulas remain top secret.

We work with you to achieve:

  • A formula that meets your nutritional specifications and macronutrient goals within the realm of physical and scientific possibility.
  • A formula that meets the regulatory requirements that govern food processing, including those established by the FDA.
  • A science-based formula that meets the specific nutritional needs of your targeted consumer base, in keeping with recommended daily amounts (RDA’s) and nutritional experts’ advice.

Our expert-led research and development process includes:

  • Pilot trials of Prototype Bars
  • Organoleptic Testing performed by our team of in-house experts.
  • Full database Nutritional Analysis
  • Water Activity Level Testing to ensure shelf life stability
  • The opportunity to work collaboratively with our scientific research and development team in our Department of Public Health certified Food Lab
  • Our R&D team works under the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that your formulas and all of your work with us remain top secret.
YouBar Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • High-Protein
  • Low Sugar
  • Keto
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • High-Fiber
  • Non GMO
  • Weight Management
  • Sports and the Science of Fitness
  • Health trends in ingredients and labeling
  • Utilizing the latest trends and ‘superfood’ ingredients, such as grass-fed, pasture-raised whey protein, kale and freeze-dried blueberries
  • Integrating esoteric and unusual ingredients into custom developed protein bar formulas
  • Creating energy bars through the application of the most innovative bar manufacturing techniques developed by food scientists, and utilizing ingredients specifically and scientifically formulated to create bar recipes that offer industry-leading texture, taste and nutritional composition.

Custom Recipe Development:

We guide you step-by-step through the entire custom recipe development and production process. Our custom recipe development program takes you through all the necessary preparation to prepare your brand for market.

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YouBar Manufacturing

Flexible Large and Small Scale Manufacturing

  • Low Minimum Order Quantities: just 5,000 bars
  • Test prototype production available at just 500 bars 
  • State-of-the-art production technology
  • Multiple production lines
  • Stringent allergen control practices
  • SQF Certified
  • GMP Compliant